We’ve made ordering custom rhinestone transfers easy!

  1. Submit custom design request by emailing your artwork to [email protected]  Please include desired size dimensions with your artwork.  If you do not include artwork, we will not be able to create a quote.
  2. Our designers will evaluate your artwork to determine if it is a good fit to be converted to rhinestones.  If it is, we will email you a design quote.  The quote is based on the size dimensions, so it is important you tell us what size you need.
  3. We charge a $20.00 design fee to digitize your design.  There is no minimum transfer order.
  4. After your set up fee is paid, our designers will transform your design into rhinestones and will email you a digital proof for your approval.  (usually within 2 business days)
  5. Once approved, we will email you a link to purchase your transfers.  There is no minimum to purchase, but please make sure you anticipate the finished transfer pricing to fall within your budget before submitting.  Transfer pricing is based on the final size of the design and the fill style selected.  Below is a price grid of what pricing to expect for your transfers.  It is not a guaranteed price, but almost all transfers we produce fall accurately within the pricing guidelines below.  The one time design fee is non-refundable.
If you're not sure if this is the kind of design service you need, please click here to contact us, let us know your needs and we can assist you.

Please note these guidelines applies to most designs.  To use this you must upload (simple images and vectors are acceptable) your design exactly as you want it converted into rhinestones.  The design fee is non-refundable and due up front.  If you need help designing, need modifications to your artwork or have a complex request, please use our Custom Design Request and we will give you a quote.  If you need simple text, we have many custom text options available.  However, if you need text converted to rhinestones (not one of our pre-designed fonts) it is still treated as a "design", even if it's just text.

 Some things to keep in mind when ordering: 

  • Copyright protected and trademarked artwork must include written consent to use the image which can be emailed to us at [email protected]
  • Traditional photographs usually cannot be converted into a rhinestone design, especially if the picture contains significant detail.
  • All sales on custom designs are final.  You will receive a proof to approve before we produce your transfers.  This is for one design.  If you multiple designs you will need to submit a request for each one.

filled design has more density and detail.  An outline design is very basic.  Below is an example of the same design completed as a filled design and as an outline.  If your design has filled and outline elements, it is billed at the filled rate.

Rhinestone/Spangle Transfer Price Estimate Calculator

Simply select the dimensions you expect your finished transfer to be and you will be shown a filled and outline price estimate.  Spangles are roughly 25% less than the rhinestone price shown below.

Height (in.):

Width (in.):



Price is an estimate only.